About the Public Engagement Fellowship

About the Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship

The Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship is a pilot program, now entering its third year, designed to celebrate and empower faculty who embrace public engagement as part of the scholarly vocation. You can read more about the first and second class of Fellows on our website or review the guidelines for the third cycle online.

The fellowship funds ambitious, often collaborative projects to infuse into public life the richness, profundity, and nuance that give the humanities their lasting value. Over time, we hope the program will also build a community of faculty dedicated to this form of service; underscore just how essential the realm of ideas is in helping us absorb the news of the day, participate as citizens, and live a full life; and ultimately help to restore broader faith in the value of advanced work in the humanities.

Please note that the program is currently open only to candidates who have been nominated by one of our partner schools or individual nominators; we hope to be able to accept a wider pool of applications in future rounds.